Problem Solver

The Salinas City Council has developed the Neighborhood Problem Solver, a step by step guide to help you find solutions to neighborhood problems. The Neighborhood Problem Solver starts at the beginning of the problem solving process and is filled with helpful information including:

  • How to organize your community to solve problems;
  • How to run an effective neighborhood meeting;
  • City and community resources to assist in your problem solving efforts;
  • How to organize a Neighborhood Clean-up;
  • How to publicize your community events.

This document is the second version of the Neighborhood Problem Solver. Please
feel free to provide us with any comments you may have regarding its effectiveness .

Additionally, if you have any questions regarding the Neighborhood Problem Solver, please contact the office of Neighborhood Services at (831) 758-7993 or 758-7382.

We hope the Neighborhood Problem Solver will help you to make your
neighborhood a better place to live.

View the Problem Solver PDF.  Same as the above link.