Organizational Overview


Salinas Neighbors United

200 Lincoln Ave., Salinas CA 93901 (831) 758-7217


The mission of Salinas Neighborhood United (SNU) is to network neighborhood based volunteer groups in the interest of education, communication and community action resulting in a safe, healthy and high quality of life for neighbors in Salinas.
SNU is a volunteer run non-profit organization. It is made up of leadership from all forms of Salinas neighborhood based groups including associations, watches, councils and both long and short term efforts based around a community cause. The leadership of SNU coordinate quarterly education and at least one city-wide neighborhood event a year. The leadership conducts business meetings as needed.
The focus of the quarterly trainings is to offer information on neighborhood strengthening and relevant public safety. As appropriate, the council is charged with helping to plan and / or promote city-wide neighborhood based activities and events including Salinas United and the Salinas Holiday Home Lighting Competition.
Operating Guidelines

I. Membership

The members of Salinas Neighbors United shall consist of those persons or representatives that live in or do business in the City of Salinas and have an interest supporting and organizing neighborhoods.

II. Area Served

Salinas Neighbors United serves the entire city limits of Salinas, California.

III. Mission

The mission of Salinas Neighborhood United (SNU) is to network neighborhood based volunteer groups, efforts, associations and watch organizations in the interest of growing a more engaged and safe community.

IV. Goals

•    To network neighbors, neighborhood based organizations and neighborhood efforts
•    To serve as a resource and education when it comes to growing and supporting neighborhoods in the City of Salinas.
•    To advocate for neighborhoods before the City of Salinas, Salinas business community and Salinas non-profit community.
•    To grow and maintain mutual understanding and cooperation on neighborhood issues between residents, neighborhoods and the City of Salinas.

V. Voting

A majority of the Board of Directors will constitute a quorum.  A majority vote will ratify an action of the board.  Two-thirds of the board must be present to vote on an action representing a official position or opinion of the board for advocacy purposes.

VI. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of, but is not limited to, representatives of organizations that have an interest in neighborhoods in Salinas.  The Board of Directors will include the following:

1.)    President – Act as the official voice of the organization.  He or she shall be responsible for preparing agendas for the meetings as well as their effective administration.
2.)    Vice-President – Work closely with the President in fulfilling the mission and goals of the organization while also serving in his or her capacity should they be absent or unable to fulfill their duties.
3.)    Treasurer – Responsible for the budget, financial records and any necessary income, expenditures and financial reporting on behalf of the organization.
4.)    Secretary – In charge of any notes & Sign In Sheets.  Aides with creating flyers, managing facebook and any official correspondence.
5.)    Directors:  Any number of Directors can be recommended to the Board with any number of responsibilities that help the organization achieve its mission and objectives.
6.)    Non-voting Directors:  Any number of City and relevant non-profit representatives.  The Past-President serves as a non-voting director.

VII. Meetings

Meetings take place as needed to support operations with elections taking place at the last meeting of the fiscal year.

VIII. Committees

Committees will be created as necessary. Each committee shall have a chairperson and any number of volunteers as needed. Committees shall report their finding and recommendations to the Board of Directors.

IX. Dues & Donations

There are no dues required of Salinas Neighbors United.   Donations will be run through the organization’s bank account or relevant City of Salinas account.

X. Termination of Board Members

A vacancy or vacancies in the Board of Directors shall be deemed to exist on the occurrence of resignation of a director, removal of any director or a director who fails to attend two consecutive meetings without a prior excuse.  A vacancy can be filled at any regular scheduled meeting of the board with nomination from the President.

XI. Election and Term of Office of Directors

All Directors shall serve one year terms.   Directors shall be nominated by way of a “slate” prepared by a committee chaired by the Outgoing President that includes the Past – President and any number of past board members or board members not seeking another board term.  The slate will be presented at least three weeks prior to the “Election Meeting” at the end of the fiscal year.  Elections take place at the last meeting of the fiscal year.

XII.  Amendments

Amendments to these bylaws may be presented and made at any scheduled meeting of the Association Board of Directors with majority vote.